Our frontline CX support puts your brand and customers first. As loyal brand representatives, we’re a central part of your team.

With the click of a button, e-commerce customers are now able to order anything from a taxi to a late-night pizza. Yet, as a growing brand, do you have the time to respond to every request in a matter of minutes? We do. In the digital age of chatbots and AI interactions, let our frontline CX support teams respond to your customers with brand-focused, personalized and consistent responses across all channels. As loyal brand representatives, RFS agents will become a central part of your team and make a lasting mark on your business by increasing conversion decreasing churn rates. Dedicated only to your brand, RFS's agents create a top-tier customer experience that will keep your customers coming back.


Your time is valuable. Delegating vital but time-consuming back-office tasks to RFS frees you up to focus on growing your business.

Whether it's data entry, invoice processing, image retouching, or everyday admin tasks, RFS assembles the perfect back-office team to meet your needs and regularly updates you on valuable customer feedback. Our dedicated associates will become an integral part of your business.

Letting us tend to the routine but fundamental tasks removes the hassle of adding to your workforce, reduces staff overhead, and optimizes your time. In other words, do what you do best, Hire RFS for the rest

Insurance claims/policy management

Customer inquiries in the insurance industry are often issue-driven, where clients reach out to the companies at critical points — when they apply to initiate a plan, when they seek information regarding a scheme, when they find any change in policy, and ultimately when they make a claim. So let us make this a bit smooth for you.

Research and data entry

wide variety of industries and clients ranging from professionals to retailers, manufacturers to service providers, we help them tackle their Data Entry Processing challenges.

Our wide ranging Data Entry Processing Services, that include:

  1. Form Processing.
  2. Image Processing.
  3. Word Processing.
  4. Survey Processing.
  5. Check Processing.

RFS Technology & Services data entry processing services includes:

  1. Highly effective and reliable data processing services are.
  2. Very economical services.
  3. Efficient and skilled workforce.
  4. Round the clock customer support.

Our special services are to present Data Entry Process through books or pages, EBooks, Yellow Pages with White Pages Keying, etc. We can also provide data for business transactions like sales, purchase, payroll, data through images in any format, different type of data conversion, data extraction from unstructured content to build easy-to-use spreadsheets or database, etc. By providing accurate data we deliver substantial cost savings and productivity gains for our clients.

Claims processing

RFS technology & services is a pioneer in outsourcing offers a range of services that include claims processing call center and claims processing BPO services, among others.

We not only offer high quality claims processing service but are also reliable and trustworthy.

The Claims Processing Process at RFS technology & services

  1. Claims processing includes:
  2. Customer filing a request
  3. The claim getting registered
  4. Validation of the claim
  5. Settlement of the claim

Getting a claim through the door involves all of the steps listed above and a successful claim is measured by the less number of iterations it takes for the claim to be processed. Also, the throughput (number of claims processed per person, per unit, per service provider) and the SLA compliance measures have to be good for a provider to be successful in this field.

E-commerce support

We're the perfect choice of E-Commerce Sellers

Below are top reasons why people choose us for their e-Commerce Needs. Customised Packages

Custom packages based on your product category, account status and much more. Packages tailored for your needs. Hassle Free Operation.We provide support not just for Sales Boost. Let us take care of your online business while you focus on the core! Reduce Fixed Costs

Save fixed costs and hassles of managing in-house team for your ecommerce needs. Pay as you go plans! A well-optimized Advertisement campaigns with right keyword strategy, regular monitoring and optimization is the key to your sales growth on ecommerce portals.

Lead generation and qualification

Leading the Charge in Next-Generation CX. Ever-increasing user expectations and competition necessitate only the best in customer service and care. Founded on innovation and people-first culture, TaskUs delivers consistently excellent CX support for 90+ of the world’s leading, disruptive brands.

Our most dominant service offering and what has put us on the global stage, TaskUs CX ensures that both your brand and your people are prioritized above all else, creating genuine extensions of your in-house team through our ridiculously passionate frontline Teammates.

Telemarketing Services

RSF telemarketing services include -

Cold Calling Services , Real Estate Cold Calling, B2B Cold Calling Services , B2C Cold Calling Services, Lead Generation Services, Appointment Setting Services, Database Selling Services, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Teleprospecting Services, Cold Canvassing Services, B2B Telesales Services, Commercial Insurance, Telemarketing Services, Product Promotions Research, Surveys and Polling, Telephone and Web Based Business Development , Up Selling/Cross Selling Campaigns , Seminar Population.

Even before our team starts work on the project, we have an established set of steps to help us understand your needs better.

Our experience across a number of industries has provided us with the ability to customize our inbound telemarketing service to suit any situation, any business, any industry –

Communications, Pharmaceutical, Consumer and Industrial Goods, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Travel & Hospitality